"You can and should earn money on education. Especially in the online segment .."

"You can and should earn money on education. Especially in the online segment .."

Today we will introduce you to Eldor Daliev.
Eldor is a member of the Returning Fund and the founder of the educational center "Maksat Academy". The educational center "Maksat Academy" has been implemented since September 2019 in the city of Isfana, Batken region.

In August 2019, Eldor took part in the Returnable Fund competition and developed a project for the educational center. As a result of the competition, I received 167,000 soms for the purchase of a laptop, printer, desk and chair. He was also in Jordan in October 2019, where he received his education on "Diversity Tolerance, Sport and Culture for Peace". At the moment, Eldor continues to study online graphic design in Jordan.
In November 2019, the educational center began training teachers in the use of computer programs. Online training began in December. During the implementation period, 200 teachers were trained and 2 people were hired.
In 2020, the center continues to launch a number of online courses, such as: "Zamanbap Mugalim", "YouTube Master Class", "Orus Tili" and "Liderlik". As part of the online course "Zamanbap Mugalim", the center trained more than 1000 teachers throughout Kyrgyzstan in the use of modern technologies. The peculiarity of the course is that it includes a number of different programs, it is: using gmail.com, video editing, organizing video lessons, using zoom.us and google classroom, using educational sites and about 10 programs.

Today the educational center "Maksat Academy" is actively working. According to Eldor, it was the online course "Zamanbap Mugalim" that opened the way for the development of the center.
The history of the Returnable Fund dates back to 2018. In 2018, the Institute for Youth Development launched a component on economic empowerment of young people. One of the directions of the component is the development of youth entrepreneurship!