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What is IRM?

About us

Institute for Youth Development was established in November 2010 with its aim to create a stable environment for the development of young people through interaction with stakeholders. Representatives of active youth and youth leaders established a public fund "Heritage of the Republic" to achieve this goal - the development of youth of Kyrgyzstan. PU  "Heritage of the Republic" lasted more than three years and implemented a number of programs and projects, making a significant contribution to the development of the youth in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Due to the expansion of activities and the achievement of new tasks, the fund was transformed to a more appropriate organizational structure with new roles.

From 2014, the Board and senior staff of the organization decided to re-register PU "Heritage of the Republic" to the Institute for Youth Development.

Today, the Institute is one of the leading organizations in Kyrgyzstan which works with young people and to promote the development of youth policy. The priorities of the Institute are to increase young people's participation in decision making processes, improve the capacity of youth, assits in meeting the needs and demands of young of Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with state and municipal authorities, international and national organizations.

Mission:To bring together stakeholders to solve socially significant problems of young people in Kyrgyzstan.

Vision:Institute for Youth Development is a professional analytical and resource organization in the field of youth policy on the international level.

Objective: To create a sustainable environment for the development of young people through engagement of stakeholders.


- Application of forms of meaningful public participation in the legislative process on issues related to the promotion of youth;

- Conducting ongoing research among young people to reflect their needs, rights and interests;

- Analytical work with recommendations for state and municipal agencies to improve the field of youth policy;

- Develop and disseminate new ways of working with young people among stakeholders;

- Assist in the development of software, operational, strategic, local, national documents in the development of young people;

- Improving access to quality services for young people;

- Increase the capacity of youth organizations.


Target groups:

• Young people and youth leaders from 14 to 28 years old

• Youth NGOs and organizations working with young people

• Governments and local authorities


Our values:


-Together with our partners we follow the principles of respect and openness.

-Our actions before the partners are clear and credible.

-Each partner is important and significant for us.

-We accept responsibility for the fulfillment of all obligations.


- We strive to achieve a deep and comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the field of activity.

-We continuously improve the quality of our work aimed at improving the situation of young people.

-We support the principle of completeness - strive to finish what we begin.

-We are developing and improving to improve the quality of youth work in the country.


- We recognize that innovation is a prerequisite for continued success, makes the changes necessary for the prosperity of the organization and thus protects against instability.

-We are committed to doing the work that anyone has not yet commenced, and already improving the methods used to achieve the best results.


- We recognize that respect fosters cooperation and accelerates the achievement of common goals.

-We recognize the worth of every person in the organization, respect his work, time, and freedom of personal opinion.

-Respect to our business partners enables us to work together successfully, maintaining trust and openness.