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Internal policies

Activity of the Institute is regulated by approved internal documents:

¾    Charter isthe basic document of the organization which describes how the internal and external relations of the Institute of Youth Development are governed.

¾    Personnel Policy, which governs the recruitment and use of personnel, the procedure for admission of workers at work, training, evaluation of employees, salaries, incentives and penalties, insurance and social compensation, termination of employment, labor disputes.

¾    Code of Business Conduct, which defines the requirements for appearance of the employee, workplace, meetings and conferences, confidentiality, traditions and customs, relationships in the organization, relationships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations, conflict of interest.

¾    Environmental policy, stipulates the principles of respect for the nature of Kyrgyzstan, the rational use of energy and natural resources, not supporting projects which have a negative impact on the environment, avoiding the use of ozone depleting resources, procurement of equipment and materials that are safe for health and the environment the rational use of raw materials, energy, education and informing staff on environmental issues, and increasing the responsibility of the entire staff for the environment.

¾    Regulations on Membership, which establishes: basic rights and duties of the members of the association; termination of membership in the Association; records of members of the Association; formation of funds of the Association; Association dues.

¾    Regulations on internship, which describes: goals and objectives of the internship; contents; order of passage; supervision; obligations of the parties; the end of the training and certification of trainee.

¾    Instructions on labor protection and safety includes: general safety requirements; safety requirements before starting work; safety requirements during operation; safety requirements in emergency situations, safety requirements at the end of work.

¾    Internal rules and regulations: the procedure for admission of workers at work, the rights and obligations of employees and management of the organization; staff time; official duties; leisure time of employees; labor discipline; responsibility of employees and management of the organization.

¾    Regulations on grants, regulates: Deadline for applications for a grant, requirements for the grant application, order of consideration of applications for grants, procedures for the conclusion and execution of contracts, grant reports on the intended use of the grant.

¾     Accounting policies - the internal rules of accounting management and financial reporting in the organization in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the International Accounting Reporting Standards. Regulates maintenance of fully reliable information of the organization and property of the organization, ensuring financial stability and the prevention of negative phenomena in the economic activities of the organization.